Tours With A Twist

Zippy Tours offer dynamic tours that take in the wide sweep of Baltimore's history.

Throughout her history, people of many different nationalities and faiths have travelled to Baltimore. We can offer you and your group tours that focus on German, Italian, Greek, Lithuanian, Ukranian, Irish, Jewish or French migrants to the city.

With Zippy Tours, you'll learn why they came to America, why they chose Baltimore, how they got here, how they found jobs and a place to live, and whether they stayed. You'll see how their culture became part of Baltimore's heritage and experience how their influence is felt to this day in Charm City.

Zippy believes that the personal, hidden history of Baltimore is sometimes even more fascinating than the big historical events. Although we can certainly offer tours focusing on the events in Baltimore that shaped the modern USA, we can also offer tours that you wouldn't find anywhere else, offering a unique insight into Baltimore and her past, present and future.

Horses, Hounds and Hunting Tour

Where else could you find a tour that will take you for a short ride north of Baltimore city to learn about the horse training and breeding industry? During our “Horses, Hounds and Hunting” tour, visitors learn about how horses are named, what it costs to keep a thoroughbred, what they eat, and how their personalities differ, amongst other things. Although this tour is perhaps at its most beautiful in early spring as the new born foals totter after their mothers in the meadow, the tour is available throughout the year.



Baltimore Gardens Tour

Another one of Zippy's unusual tours that demonstrates perfectly why she is a past winner of Baltimore Magazine's “Best Nooks and Crannies Tour” is her “Baltimore Gardens” tour that studies the Baltimore garden, from colonial times until today.

Perfect for gardeners, or those interested horticulture, this tour examines how and why Baltimore's gardens have changed. Visitors will see the beautiful private gardens hidden behind Baltimore's row houses, as well as learning about the earliest colonial gardens that were planted in the city, why certain plants were chosen, how suburban gardens differ from urban gardens. As Zippy herself says, “we see some lovely, secret back yard gardens that normally are hidden from the public.”


Hairspray in Baltimore

Moving from beautiful gardens to trailer trash, a very popular Zippy Tour is “Hairspray in Baltimore” which takes you to the sites that influenced John Waters to create his film, and later Tony award winning musical, “Hairspray”.

Visitors can see also see the movies Pecker and Pink Flamingo filming locations, and learn all about blue collar Baltimore as immortalized by Waters. Full of fun and simply a divinely trashy experience, this tour is for anyone who wants to experience the stranger side of Charm City!

Walk in Little Italy

Little Italy has a mystique all its own. Located a hop, skip and a jump to the east of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, it's really two neighborhoods: residential and restaurants -- about 16 in 19 small blocks. It's zoned commercial but the city wants it to retain its residential flavor. One resident who grew up there is Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is third in line to be president of the United States. We'll see her house, and the church where she was baptized and confirmed. We'll learn about ground rents, that early prize in the cracker jack box that produced so many home owners among 19th century immigrants to Baltimore. We'll see sallyports, painted screens, formstone, coal holes, and get a mini-course in row house architecture on this casual walk and if there's time, we'll learn why it's so healthy to live in a neighborhood where the world beats a path to your door.




And Much Much More!

There's simply not enough room on the web to tell you about all the tours Zippy Larson and Zippy Tours can offer visitors to Baltimore. Those we listed above are just a small selection. Why not telephone us at 410-522-7334 or email us at and let us find the perfect tour for you!