Praise for Zippy Tours

Any tour company can say they are the best. 

Here are some reviews that say it for us.

 ... Energetic, irrepressible Zippy Larson is by far the city's most engaging tour guide. She offers many different tours with historic, cultural, and architectural themes. Zippy's witty, well-researched tours take you outside the tourist bubble.

- Fodors Travel Guides

 ... Zippy Larson leads natives and visitors alike around Baltimore, pointing out anything from a terrific neighborhood bakery to a well-preserved example of Georgian architecture or the home of a local notable. She fills tours with facts, anecdotes, strong opinions, and a dose of local politics.

- Baltimore Magazine

Zippy received a Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore award for the "Best Nooks and Crannies tours".

... Zippy Larson did not acquire her nickname thanks to her energetic personality. But this talkative dynamo with the crisp dark curls has a character to match the handle. "I have always had this terrific urge to get away from the tourist areas and go find a little street or pathway, or a little shop somewhere.'"

And when she started her tour business, her goal was to take visitors beyond the established sights of the Inner Harbor.

She does not do a bakery tour. But when she pulls into a reporter's driveway on a Saturday morning, that's exactly what she has in mind. She has zeroed in on the best neighborhood bakeries and has had ample opportunity to sample home-baked wares and soak up home-town atmosphere. And now she intends to share five of her favorite finds.  :Look at the baker,: she says, craning her neck to get a peek into the back room. "This is just what bakers look like in story books."

... [Zippy] hooked up with the Smithsonian Resident Associate Program, which sets up tours for its members, many who are already well-versed in American history and are looking for off-the-beaten-path views of Baltimore/Washington-area communities. Karen Gray, local tours manager for the Smithsonian program, emphasizes the fact that the information learned on Zippy's tours can't be found in tourist brochures.

- Baltimore City Paper
... tours that go from the hustle bustle of the Inner Harbor into the nooks and crannies of Baltimore neighborhoods.

- Columbia (MD) Flyer