Custom Tours

At Zippy Tours, we know that people have various interests and passions. So we offer individual tours, customized for you personally. By finding out your interests and combining this with our detailed local knowledge of Baltimore we can create a personalized tour that shows you what you want to see, rather than showing you what everyone else sees.

Only our custom tours can take you inside a real, private citizen's Baltimore row house, so that you can see them from the inside, or take you to a restaurant where there isn't one other single tourist to try Baltimore's world famous crabs!

But we can also show you the sites that Baltimore is famous for, like other tour companies. The difference with Zippy Tours is that you'll see them in completely new ways!

Years of designing personalized tours means that we know just the right questions to ask to devise a tour that you will remember with joy forever. While other tour companies simply ask how many people there are in your party, we ask you what you want to get out of your visit … if there is anything you especially want to do or see.

As one past guest remarked, 'You asked me everything except my social security number! But I'm glad you did, because this was the best tour we've ever been on.'

Create Your Customized Tour of Baltimore

You can download a copy of our tour questionnaire in MS Word format here and simply fill in the answers and email it back to us.

We'll take your answers and create a personal tour just for you - you're under no obligation. If you don't like what we suggest, we'll work with you until you're happy because we want you to have the best tour you've ever had.

Of course, if you prefer, you can simply call Zippy Tours on 410-522-7334 or email us at for a fast, personal response and we'll go from there.